Beyond The Right Look — 5 Things Your Destination Wedding Venue Should Have

Posted on: 21 June 2023

The choice of wedding venue is an integral part of any great wedding day. But when you choose a destination wedding, the venue becomes even more important. So, what should you look for beyond the aesthetic appeal? Here are five vital things your destination venue should have, and why. 

1. Full Service Options

Destination weddings can be easier and less stressful than traditional hometown weddings. But the fact that you cannot be there in person has the potential to make them harder. Combat this problem by ensuring you can get the most out of your venue's services. 

2. Wedding Planners

A wedding planner of some sort is a must for destination nuptials. You have to manage things remotely, so you want someone on the ground to be your eyes and ears. Whether it's a dedicated full-service planner, a day-of planner, or just a key part of the facility's staff, make sure you can rely on them and that they communicate well. 

3. Experience

Managing a wedding is a big job. You want someone who is experienced, particularly since you rely on the venue to be your proxy. How many weddings have they hosted? What crises have they successfully dealt with? Are they familiar with weddings of your style and size? How long have they been in business? Ask questions to help find someone with a solid track record. 

4. Help for Guests

Who else will attend your destination wedding? Whether it's a small group or dozens of guests, make sure they will also have a good experience. Ideally, your venue has onsite lodging for everyone or has business relationships with local lodging facilities. In addition, they should be happy to work with your wedding party or family if these are helping plan the nuptials. 

5. Flexibility

Every wedding has its hiccups. Can your venue adjust to yours? If the weather changes, are they ready to shift locations or take precautionary steps? What if a vendor can't provide the contracted services? Do they have others on speed dial? Perhaps you decide at the last minute to add more guests. Can they accommodate you? Being flexible allows them to help you and keep your stress levels low. 

Where Should You Start?

Begin your search for the right destination wedding venue by visiting — virtually or in-person — the best candidates in your target area. As you look for these five key elements, you're sure to have a more successful and less challenging set of nuptials.