Dolphin Tours - Ocean Adventures

Posted on: 17 May 2023

Dolphins are social mammals that travel in groups. These fascinating creatures are intelligent and energetic. During your next family trip to an oceanside town, purchase tickets to participate in a dolphin tour.

Dolphin Sightings

Dolphins thrive in tropical and non-tropical water. Dolphins can be spotted near the shore and in deeper water. A tour will usually involve being transported to an area away from the shoreline. A tour boat will transport guests along a preplanned route. This route will be one in which groups of dolphins have been spotted before. 

There are many species of oceanic dolphins, including the common dolphin (short-beaked and long-beaked) and the bottlenose dolphin. The species of dolphins that will be seen during a tour will be dependent upon the region where the tour is taking place.


Dolphin charters offer customers the opportunity to select from one of the many scheduled trips that are advertised. The cost of an admission ticket provides transportation, commentary, and a comfortable seating area.

An open top tour boat will supply panoramic views of the area being toured. All of the seats that are on a charter boat will provide equal viewing access of the ocean water.

A tour guide will alert the passengers about the location of dolphins. When dolphins are spotted, the captain of the boat may slow down the speed of the watercraft. This will offer the opportunity for tour participants to take pictures of the dolphins.

The tour guide who is onboard will explain the behaviors of dolphins. The guide will also point out any other marine creatures that are present in the area. There will likely be opportunities to view many sea creatures as they swim in the ocean water.

Your Preparations

Review the times when a charter outfitter is offering dolphin tours. Learn about the types of boats that are used for tours. A small outfitter may use one or two boats for tours. A larger outfitter may have more boats that you can select from.

If the boat that you will be seated on during a tour does not contain a canopy, plan on bringing sunglasses and sunscreen along with you on the tour that you and your family signed up for. If you would like to capture pictures or footage of the marine life that you see during a dolphin tour, make a point to charge your phone and bring it along on the tour. Keep these tips in mind when looking for a dolphin tour near you.