Tips For First-Time River Raft Renters

Posted on: 27 April 2021

When you are vacationing near a river, renting a raft and rafting down the river is a great way to experience nature. It's also something you can do with a group; there are rafts that will accommodate anywhere from two to ten people, and sometimes even more! As a first-time river raft renter, however, there are a few tips you should follow.

Consider the strength of the people in your group.

Don't just consider how many people are in your crew. Consider how strong they are, and give the rental company an idea of that strength. For example, don't just say that there are eight people in your group. Instead, mention that you have some who are stronger than others. This will help the rental company recommend the best size raft for you. They'll recommend a lighter raft or a smaller raft if the people in your crew are not quite as strong. You'll have an easier time paddling the smaller raft.

Ask for a basic safety overview.

Some rental companies require you to sit through a safety talk before they will rent you a raft. Others simply offer safety talks as an option. As a first-timer, sit through the safety talk — and have everyone else in your group do it, too. Safety talks may not be that interesting, but they teach you the basics of what to do if someone falls off the raft, what to do if the raft flips over, and how to perform a high-side maneuver to even the raft out on rough water. If any of these things happen while you're rafting, and they probably will, you will be glad you know how to handle it.

Rent the raft for longer than you think you'll need it.

You may think you'll make it to your destination and back in a few hours, but as a first-time, beginner rafter, it is really hard to estimate your pace. You don't necessarily know your own strength or what problems you'll run into. Since you don't want to feel pressure to get back to the rental company in a hurry, you should rent the raft for longer than you think you need to. It's worth paying an extra few dollars to know you don't have to rush.

With the tips above, you can enjoy a wonderful first raft-rental experience. If you have any other questions about raft rentals, reach out to a local rafting company.