Three Reasons to Hire a Vacation Planner for Your Disney Trip

Posted on: 25 June 2020

Disney World is a vacation spot that most people dream of visiting. When you finally have the time and money to go, it is so tempting to just start booking hotels and buying tickets. But in the long run, it may pay to back off a little and let a vacation planner handle this for you. Here are a few reasons why hiring a Disney Vacation Planner for your Disney trip can be a smart choice.

They'll make sure you stay in the right spot

There are so many different hotels and condo communities in and around Disney parks. It's really hard to know which is best for your family's needs. Some are more budget-oriented, and others are outright lavish. Instead of spending hours browsing option after option, you can just give the vacation planner an idea of what your family prefers, and they'll know just the spot. You won't find yourselves cramped in a small hotel room or paying for luxury services you wouldn't use.

They'll recommend the best parks for you

There are so many different theme parks that it's impossible to see them all thoroughly during your vacation. You will have to do some picking and choosing. But having never been to Disneyland before, you may not know what to include and what to leave out. If you give a vacation planner an overview of your family members' ages and preferences, they'll pick the best parks for you to visit. You'll have more fun when you're able to take your time and thoroughly see these parks rather than worrying about what you might miss out on.

They'll find you discounts

There are always many deals going on at Disney parks. Book a certain hotel, and you might get a free pass to a special event. Buy two tickets to a certain park, and you might get a free one. Vacation planners stay aware of all the deals and discounts, and they can utilize the ones best suited to your trip to help you save. Some deals and discounts are only made available if you book through a registered vacation planner too, so this can help you save even more.

There are several good reasons to hire a vacation planner for your Disney trip. Doing so is more affordable, and it often guarantees that you'll stay in the right hotel and visit the best parks. Talk to a planner to learn more.