You Can Afford A Yacht Charter! Six Ways To Make It Happen.

Posted on: 19 March 2020

A yacht charter is an exciting and luxurious way to get some rest and relaxation. It sounds like it is only for the elite, but don't jump to conclusions. A yacht charter can be fairly inexpensive as far as vacations go. The cost of a week long charter starts around $10,000 and can reach above $150,000. Prices vary depending on a lot of factors, including age, style and size of the yacht. 

Most yacht charters can carry up to 12 people, so if you are planning a family vacation, this may be a fairly affordable option. Does the cost intimidate you a bit? It may still be doable with some hard work and motivation! Here are some ways you can save money for the trip of a lifetime on a yacht charter.

  • Pay yourself! If you don't have a budget already, make one. Knowing where you want your money to go and then actually putting it there is incredibly beneficial when you have a travel goal. After you figure out where your money is going each month, see what you have left to put towards your vacation. Once you know how much you can reasonably put aside, DO IT! When you get paid, put your money immediately into a special Dream Vacation account and don't touch it!
  • Get some side projects going. To get more money, pick up some side projects: for example, there are many delivery apps out there that most people can participate in. You could deliver groceries, deliver food… you can even deliver people to their destinations!

If you have a talent, put it to use for some money.  Repair things, photograph things or craft things to earn money.

Look online for money making opportunities. The more financial opportunities you take on, the faster your yacht charter vacation becomes a reality.

  • Sell what's not nailed down. Okay, this may be a bit extreme. However, there likely are some things around your house that you don't use anymore that you could get some extra green for. There are many apps, sales and consignment shops you can turn to.  Added bonus is you clear up some space!
  • Shop! This seems a bit counterproductive, but if you are smart about your shopping, you can make money. Since you are saving for vacation, don't buy a bunch of stuff you don't need. But, take advantage of shopping, couponing, receipt apps, and extensions that can get you money back on products you are going to buy anyways. At the same time, you may want to look for credit cards that offer cash back to use for your daily shopping. (Just make sure you pay the cards off—consumer debt isn't going to get you on your yacht).
  • Grow your group. Most yacht charters can have up to 12 people. If your group is small, see about adding to your group to bring the cost down.

Yacht charters aren't just for rich people.  Normal folks, just like you, can make this dream vacation happen with some hard work and dedication. 

To learn more about a yacht charter, look for a company near you.