4 Benefits Of A Destination Wedding

Posted on: 23 September 2019

While some people desire a big wedding with all their extended family, friends, and associates in attendance, others prefer a simpler celebration. Here is a look at four benefits of opting for a destination wedding.

1. Destination Weddings Are Usually More Affordable

Couples often feel obligated to invite everyone they know to their wedding. For many people, this isn't financially feasible. A wedding with a lot of guests can easily run into tens of thousands of dollars.

Large weddings cost more for the venue as well as the food and drinks. Because destination weddings are typically smaller in comparison to weddings held stateside, couples can save money and still have a nice celebration.

Popular destination wedding locales are also often less expensive than similar places in the United States. Some tropical islands and South American countries, such as Costa Rica, are great options because the cost of living is inexpensive compared to American places. This means the money you do have to spend will likely go much further that it would at home.

2. Destination Weddings Reduce Stress

Planning a wedding is extremely stressful for most brides. Popular tourist countries make planning a wedding very easy. Large hotels and resorts usually offer wedding packages that provide everything including lodging, flowers, food, beverages, and photographers. A bride and groom simply choose the wedding package that is best for their needs and leave all the details to the hotel staff to orchestrate.

3. Destination Weddings Reduce Drama

Almost every family has at least one relative who tends to cause problems at family events. Holding your wedding locally can also make it difficult to not invite some people. For example, extended family members who are not invited, such as cousins may feel slighted.

When you hold a destination wedding, you can safely assume many people would be unable to attend simply due to the logistics and expenses involved with traveling to another country. With a destination wedding, you can safely invite only those people you truly want to celebrate the occasion with you and feel can afford the trip.

4. Destination Weddings Eliminate the Need for a Honeymoon

With a destination wedding, you won't need to set aside additional funds or take more time off work for a separate honeymoon. Your destination wedding locale doubles as your honeymoon. Choose a location that offers plenty of extracurricular activities you and your future spouse would enjoy participating in.

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