Are You Planning A Special Grand Canyon Family Reunion?

Posted on: 7 June 2018

Is this the summer that your family will be joining extended family members for an unforgettable trip to the Grand Canyon? For those who have not been to the Grand Canyon before, they are about to be amazed at the majestic beauty. And, for those who are returning to the Grand Canyon? Well, they are about to be amazed at the majestic beauty all over again. Of course you dan drive to the site of the Grand Canyon and look at this miracle of nature, but you can stare at something, no matter how special it is, only so long. From planning the Grand Canyon event on your own to arranging for a VIP Grand Canyon bus tour, here are some ideas that might help you to plan a summer reunion that will go down in your family history.

On Your Own

Before you even arrive at the Grand Canyon, consider having an agenda of how you'll spend your time there. For example, it's probably a given that people in your group will want to take photographs, and probably even a family photograph. However, consider doing something very different. Bring sketching pencils and paper for everybody in the group. Ask them to find a comfortable spot and to simply enjoy some alone time, contemplating what they feel when they look at the amazing views. In addition, give them each the sketching pencils and paper you brought and ask them to draw something they especially like. More than likely, this will help each person to pay attention to details that make up the Canyon.

A VIP Bus Tour

Have you considered taking a VIP Grand Canyon bus tour? Depending on the size of your family, you might get a bus all to yourselves. Or, you might be on a bus with total strangers. Either way, you'll be treated to an amazing day. Your tour might begin with a breakfast and an explanation of how the day will go. Perhaps your tour guide will give you a history of the Grand Canyon as well as interesting facts that you might never know without being on the tour. A lunch meal and dinner may also be included in the tour. Find out ahead of time exactly what your tour includes. You might even end up spending some time in the cit of Las Vegas. No matter how extensive your VIP Grand Canyon bus tour is, be sure to take a light jacket and to wear comfortable walking shoes.