3 Reasons To Start Taking Flying Lessons Today

Posted on: 9 March 2018

Are you feeling stuck in the daily doldrums of everyday life? If you are looking for a new adventure to shake things up,  perhaps it is time to take to the skies. Signing up for flying lessons or even officially beginning a program to get your pilot's license is a surefire way to add some excitement back into your life. Here are three reasons why you sign up for flying lessons today.

It's Easier to Get Certified Than You Think

It is easier today to become an officially licensed pilot than ever before. This is because the Federal Aviation Administration has created a new kind of license called Sport Pilot. Long story short, a sport pilot license requires significantly less traninng time to obtain than the traditional pilot license. Yes, there are some restrictions to keep in mind including the max speed you are allowed to reach and you won't be able to fly at night. But if you are just looking for a little bit of fun, a sport pilot license is the way to go and knowing that your goal is so easily within reach will make you want to go flying again and again.

Take Your Own Transportation to the Next Level

The next time you have to run an errand or visit a relative in another part of the state that is a long drive away, stop and think about how much easier (and cooler) it would be if you could just fly to your destination instead. To be clear, you're not going to be able to fly from say, Seattle to Los Angeles, but if you just need to fly from Seattle to Olympia, Washington, you might be able to take off at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport and land at the Olympia Regional Airport in what will feel like no time at all.

Impress Everyone Around You

C'mon, how many people do you know that actually know how to fly? Unless you have an Air Force veteran in your family, chances are the answer is probably zero. Having a pilot's license of any kind is usually seen as a pretty big deal and is a great conversation starter if you're looking to brag at the local bar. To be clear, you should start taking flying lessons for yourself and not for anyone else, but once you have the license, it's OK if you want to boast a little bit.

If you are looking for a new hobby, you will be hard pressed to find one that cooler than flying. Getting a pilot's license today is easier than ever, can dramatically improve your options for personal transportation and might even make you some new friends along the way. For more information, reach out to a local company that offers flying lessons today. For more information, contact companies like CalAir Aviation.