Try To Schedule These Fun On-Route Attractions When You Plan A Cycling Tour

Posted on: 6 December 2017

Planning a cycling tour has the potential to be nearly as fun as the tour itself. Whether you're going with just one friend or a group of other cyclists, it can be fun to get together well in advance of the trip and decide exactly what your route will be. How you plan your cycling tours can make or break the experience. Regardless of where you're traveling and how long you'll be away, see how many enjoyable attractions you can plan your route around. Here are some examples.

Crossing The Water

Cycling along a body of water can be visually enjoyable, but you might wish to also look for an opportunity to cross the water at some point. Obviously, doing so depends on where your cycling tour will take place, but crossing the water can dramatically enrich the experience for everyone, as well as yield some perfect photo opportunities that you'll be eager to share on social media. Sometimes, you can find a long bridge that spans a large body of water; in other cases, a shorter bridge but one that is high off the ground can be ideal. Another option is to consider boarding a ferry with your bikes and crossing the water in that manner.

Bike-Friendly Stops

A bike tour isn't just about completing a set number of miles each day. While you may have such goals, you'll also want to ensure that there are some fun stops along the way. It's ideal if these stops can be friendly for cyclists. In other words, you can keep your bike with you or park it in a secure location while you take a break. Consider a state park, for example. Lots of state parks have enjoyable cycling paths and trails that you can explore to change the scenery on your cycling tour for a bit. Many wineries cater to cyclists, too, allowing you to arrange a wine tour on your cycling tour.

Local Media Involvement

Sometimes, your cycling tour might have an interesting angle that the local media might wish to know about. For example, perhaps you're doing your cycling tour in memory of a former cycling friend who passed away. If you think that your tour might be of interest to the media, contact various media organizations in the areas through which you'll be cycling. A TV station may have a news crew meet you at a specific location for some live footage and interviews, or a newspaper may assign a reporter and photographer to meet with you to share your story.