3 Features To Look For In A Charter Bus For Your Senior Citizen Group Trip

Posted on: 27 November 2017

Whether you oversee activities in a retirement community or you are planning an outing for a group of elderly relatives, chartering a bus for the event is an excellent means of transportation. Charter buses make it easier to get a whole group of people from one point to another comfortably, but not all charter buses are exactly the same. In fact, some of them have very different offerings, amenities, and bus styles to offer. Because traveling can be a little harder on senior citizens, it is important that you know how to pick the best charter bus. Here is a look at some of the features you should be looking for in a charter bus for your senior citizen group trip. 

1. Make sure the charter bus has wide aisles between seats. 

You can get some charter buses that are wheelchair accessible, but these can be harder to find than a regular bus. However, some buses compensate to be accessible by ensuring there is a wide enough walkway between the rows of seats so a wheelchair could make it through the aisle. Likewise, some buses also have wheelchair-accessible seating for those who have mobility issues. 

2. Make sure the charter bus has an onboard bathroom. 

Holding it until the next stop is not only uncomfortable, it can be really hard to do for a bunch of older adults. The fact is, a bathroom is often needed more frequently by senior citizens, so make sure whatever charter bus you choose does have an onboard restroom for the passengers. Some of the best charter buses have full restroom facilities in the back of the bus that have everything from a sink and vanity to a fully functioning toilet. Just having a bathroom can make the trip much more enjoyable for everyone. 

3. Make sure the charter bus has comfortable seats. 

You can typically pick different types of buses that have different levels of luxuries inside, especially where the seats of the bus are concerned. Basic bench seats will give your passengers a safe place to sit, but you also need to consider their comfort. It can be well worth the extra money to spring for a charter bus that has single seats that can be adjusted much like a seat in a regular passenger vehicle. Some buses even have seats that recline, swivel, and have armrests for added comfort. If the trip you are planning will be very long, it is especially important to consider the seat styles inside the bus. 

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